About WILD

Folks, If we want an inclusive society, we are going to have to build it ourselves.

But thats nothing new.

The Independent Living Movement has been about disabled people using their individual and shared experiences as the spark that began a revolution. In order to share, build and be part of a inclusive society that reflects our aspiration as a community, we need  to embrace our place as individuals. That comes through knowing your history, knowing your own story and knowing how to express that and connecting it to the story of those that came before you and are around you now.

By sharing and experiencing how others creatively tell the stories of their lives, through art, music and any other form of expression – we learn how we might begin to tell our own. The work that we create to tell these stories become our expressions of the ideas and values which guide us. In the same way, the Independent Living Movement brought those ideas to life; by taking an active role in this conversation individually, we can collectively build a stronger more dynamic community. Active, engaged citizens ensure communities are kept dynamic and strong. People who express themselves creatively e.g. through music, art, sport and media, contribute to keeping the culture vibrant. Strong, vibrant, dynamic communities are better positioned to have a stronger voice within society. And a strong disability community voice, is the corner stone of building that inclusive society.

How will we do this?

WILD will launch with an online festival and after the event WILD will work with members of the disabled community, to continue to tell and share our stories. We will use the website and social media to gather and share these stories where you tell us the exciting and interesting things that you are doing. And all of the exciting, interesting things other people are doing and that we should know about.

WILD wants to work with you over time to build World Independent Living Day into an international celebration of disability culture.


We will provide access to:

  • Information about the movements birth and successes
  • Online and real world events
  • Support for members to plan and take part in future events and activities
  • Networks, skills and knowledge
  • Updates on the things that we think you might find interesting, informative or engaging


But WILD isnt about defining Disability Culture THAT’S YOUR JOB!

As a first step we need you to send us the best examples of what’s available.

This is your space, its up to you to create it and make it your own. Make it into something that reflects your current life and your aspirations.


How will you help us do that?


By growing and sharing WILD:

  • Website
  • Events including WILD Day In
  • Social media

By getting involved in WILD

  • Planning and delivering events
  • Contributing your time, your story
  • Keep us updated with important information, such as potential acts and contributors – particularly disability related Film, Art, Design, Tech, Sport and Media

By being a critical friend


  • Get used to demanding better by telling us to do better
  • Dont just tell us whats wrong, tell us how to fix it
  • Work with us, this is a joint project and a shared space run by and for disabled people.
  •  The scale of its success is a joint responsibility, shared between WILD and you

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